Pine Crest School Media Statement

Did Pine Crest School fire Maha Almasri Abuhamda for her social media posts and expel her son as a result?
Why was the student also dismissed when it was only the parent who was posting?
Was the family given any process before this decision was made?
Does Pine Crest fire employees and expel students because of social media posts? Do the First Amendment and freedom of speech apply at Pine Crest?
How do parents know what the School’s expectations are?
Has Pine Crest ever asked any other students to leave because of their parent’s behavior?
Did the family have any previous concerning issues/events?
What is your response to individuals suggesting the School is taking a stance on the issues in the Middle East?
An advocacy group recently held a press conference on December 14, 2023, where they claimed that the separation of the family sets a dangerous precedent. Do you agree?


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