Pine Crest's modern fleet of buses is owned and maintained by the School. Buses are safety inspected on a 30-day cycle as required by Florida regulations. All Pine Crest technicians are Florida certified to perform safety inspections and repairs. Buses are air-conditioned and equipped with seat belts, video cameras, and a radio-dispatch unit for constant communication with the Pine Crest Transportation Office. Bus drivers are employed year-round by Pine Crest School, receive annual training, and are CPR certified.

Why use Pine Crest Transportation?

  • Pine Crest operates a high-quality transportation system.
  • All Pine Crest buses exceed Florida and U.S. safety specifications.
  • All Pine Crest buses are equipped with two-way radios, video, and G.P.S. systems.
  • All Pine Crest buses are air-conditioned.
  • Pine Crest employs only professional CDL-certified drivers.
  • All buses are maintained by Pine Crest employees who are Florida-certified technicians.
  • Pine Crest buses are safety inspected every 30 days as required by Florida regulations.
  • Pine Crest buses are usually available for athletic team events and class field trips.


If a student is already riding the bus at the end of the school year, their enrollment will continue into the new year. If a student is not enrolled at the end of the school year, parents may register their child(ren) for the 2021-22 school year by completing the Bus Service Enrollment Form and submitting it to the transportation department. Complete and print the form. Then, sign the form and either scan/email it to or mail it to:

Pine Crest School
Attn: Transportation Department
1501 NE 62nd Street
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334

2021-22 Bus Service Areas (Subject to change)
Policies & Procedures


Tel: 954-492-4150