The Pine Crest Difference

Choosing a school for your child may be one of the most important decisions a family can make. Researching and unearthing what differentiates one school from another can feel daunting. We understand and often ask our students, faculty, parents, and alumni what they believe distinguishes Pine Crest School:

Whether it be parents, teachers or administrators, we are a community of adults who have chosen to prioritize and invest in independent school education. At Pine Crest, students and teachers develop deep and meaningful relationships, many of which begin when a child enters pre-kindergarten and last for a lifetime.

Our young alumni living and working in New York City, for example, may run into friends at the local coffee shop who they learned to read with in Lower School! From the security officer who greets you when you first arrive on campus, to the parent volunteer or student ambassador who accompanies you on a campus tour, to your child’s first teacher, to the President, we are a community of professionals who are experts in our field of work. Gifts from our generous donors provide us with the resources to equip, staff, and implement timely, progressive initiatives for our students.

People say that when you meet a Pine Crest graduate, you know. They are poised, well-spoken, caring, driven, and intellectually curious. Select any of the social stories below to “meet” some of our alumni.

Alumni Profiles

Haley Moss

Class of '12

"I currently live in Miami where I’m a practicing lawyer, but the more interesting things about me date back to my time at “The Pine.” I’m the author of two books, I’m an artist and I’m #ActuallyAutistic and involved in autism advocacy."

Kevin Boothe

Class of '01

"I am proud to be a Pine Crest School alumnus. No matter where I live, I always have a home at 1501 NE 62nd Street.”

Avery Pack

Class of '96

"Now more than ever, it is imperative to follow your creative pursuits. It is easier than before to see an idea through to completion."

Michele Stocker

Class of '83

“I am humbled by this whole experience, knowing that I was first introduced to Pine Crest at 14 years old as one of several African American students and today as the first African American Board of Trustees Chair. It is an honor for me to partner with Dr. Markham ’18H in our shared mission to provide a safe and positive learning environment and to prepare students to be future-ready.”

Tony & Stephanie Correa

Class of '87

"Pine Crest was my family. It was not one person or one peer, everyone made you feel like you could just do everything. When I look back, the support system, the community made you feel valued, and you had everything you needed to succeed."

Stefy Grau

Class of '18

"I am a prospective global affairs or political science major at Yale University. My love for these two subjects started at Pine Crest in AP Government and Politics class, where participating in events like class debates and Moot Court fueled my academic interests."

Jordyn Elliott

Class of '16

"I don’t think I would be as involved as I am had it not been for Pine Crest teaching me to go the extra mile."

Jared Firestone

Class of '08

"Before the first run, you feel a healthy balance of nervous and excited. Walking up to the line all you feel is the cold and wind. By the time I get on my sled, I am super focused and my mind is clear. I do catch myself sometimes thinking ‘what am I going to eat for dinner?’ I yell at myself ‘focus on the curve, you’re traveling 70-80 mph!’"

Jamie Wolfe

Class of '03

"Pine Crest students are always learning, and the teachers are no exception! I recently earned my doctoral degree in Educational Leadership from Lynn University. Pine Crest has been so supportive on my educational journey."

Chris Wanka

Class of '06

"Much of my success today is thanks to the faculty, staff, parents, and my classmates at PC over the years. It truly is a family that remains a part of your life, even 15 years after graduation for me."

Hailey Karten

Class of '17

“Family” is one of the first words that comes to mind when I first think of Pine Crest. My friends I made at PC became my family, from countless hours dancing at PDS to study halls in the libraries and classrooms around campus. I know my friendships will last me a lifetime!

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