The Pine Crest Fund represents the most fundamental elements of our educational program and allowing you, our donors, to direct your gift to an area of interest to you. Your contribution demonstrates your confidence in our mission. We want you to know your gift makes a difference, and we are going to use it as you intended!

Through your gift to The Pine Crest Fund, each student, every day will benefit from your generosity. Your gift may be directed to an area of personal interest.

Schoolwide Priorities

Strategic priorities include transforming spaces for learning, performance, and competition, integrating cutting-edge technology throughout learning spaces, and enhancing security.

Give to Schoolwide Priorities

Professional Learning

Just as our students never stop learning, our faculty unceasingly strive to become better educators. Your support directly impacts the professional growth of our faculty.

Give to Faculty Enrichment

Financial Aid

Pine Crest's fundamental idea is that a premier independent school education should be equally open to the brightest students, regardless of their financial means. Our strength relies not just on the quality of the faculty, the state-of-the-art facilities, and the breadth and depth of our educational offerings, but on the vibrant and inquisitive student body. We are committed to capturing a wider base of student eligibility and socioeconomic diversity as it is important to build and sustain a diverse community.

Pine Crest awards financial assistance to approximately 18% of our students whose families demonstrate need and who would otherwise not be able to attend our School. Your support helps to provide financial aid for families who value our mission.

Give to Financial Aid

The Arts

The arts foster imagination and creative problem-solving skills and develop critical judgment, open-mindedness, and independent thinking.

Student-artists discover new talents and passions at every grade level using a collection of tools and state-of-the-art facilities and learning from experts in the field. Your support inspires what the world needs: soulful, creative minds nurtured at Pine Crest.

Give to The Arts


Athletics foster gross motor skills, teamwork, perseverance, and passion. 

Your support helps to maintain our outstanding athletic program, including equipment, supplies, coaches, and training, and provides students with an array of opportunities for leadership, sportsmanship, teamwork, physical challenge, and personal growth.

Give to Athletics

Capital Giving

From transformational projects included in Pine Crest School’s strategic and master plans to immediate priority initiatives, there are exciting opportunities to support capital projects and make the extraordinary happen throughout our two campuses.

Endowment Giving

Establishing a named endowment is one of the most meaningful ways to ensure one’s legacy and create a lasting impact for generations of Pine Crest School students. Capital and Endowment Gifts can be made by contacting Susan Peirce, Vice President of Advancement, at or by phone at 954-492-4121.