Pre-Primary (Pre-K and K)

Pine Crest School's pre-kindergarten and kindergarten programs focus on providing a well-balanced, developmentally appropriate curriculum that meets the individual needs of each child in literacy, mathematics, science, computer science, social studies, technology, and the arts.

There are two full-time teachers in each pre-kindergarten and kindergarten classroom who provide a nurturing learning environment that fosters each student's love of learning. With encouragement and support from their teachers, students become independent thinkers in a challenging academic setting.

Pine Crest's superior pre-kindergarten and kindergarten environment includes:

  • A safe and secure campus with 24-hour security
  • Access to Learning Network service, which provide academic support
  • Easy access to state-of-the-art, developmentally appropriate playgrounds
  • Full-time school nurses and a health office
  • Healthy snack and lunch choices in a pre-primary dining hall
  • Special art classes taught in Spanish
  • Computer science lessons
The pre-kindergarten and kindergarten curricular programs are enriched by experiences in technology, library, character development, movement, modern language, art, music, and dramatic play. We offer a wide variety of after-school lessons and clubs, including:

  • Extended Day program
  • Swimming
  • Movement
  • Tennis
  • Private music lessons

List of 8 items.

  • Reading/Writing Workshop

    Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten reading and writing workshops are comprised of research-based curricula and best practices largely informed by the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project (TCRWP) at Columbia University. The workshop model provides a collaborative environment in which students deepen their understanding by engaging in conversations and sharing their ideas about text.

    Literature study is used to teach writing skills and to develop good listening and comprehension skills. As students become fluent writers, they develop their reading abilities. Our program is shaped by student-driven interests, projects and presentations that motivate individual learning and the class as a whole.
  • Word Study

    During word study, students are taught proper letter formation through formal handwriting instruction, and to recognize individual sounds and words, letter/sound relationships, and spelling patterns using the Orton-Gillingham approach for instruction. Through Literacy Stations, students manipulate letters and form words through active play and hands-on application.
  • Computer Science

    Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students explore computing practices and coding skills using applications such as Kodable and programmable robots, including Dash and Dot, Bee-Bot, and Ozobot. Students learn how to form basic algorithms and engage in collaborative and cooperative learning strategies with their classmates.
  • Math

    Math at the pre-kindergarten and kindergarten level is designed to foster problem-solving skills. During Math Workshop, students are engaged in Calendar Math, which introduces them to the concepts of geometry, measurement, time, money, and graphing. These concepts lay a strong foundation for the understanding and development of number sense. This hands-on approach, through the use of manipulatives, helps students understand the concepts of order, numeration, patterning, estimation, and classification.
  • Science

    Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students are encouraged to ask questions, make predictions, and draw conclusions about their surrounding world. Students investigate scientific principles and properties through hands-on activities to learn about the world around them. They learn how we use our senses to identify, classify, and understand the properties of living and non-living things.
  • Social Studies

    Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students explore topics such as community, citizenship, historical figures, holidays, and various cultures. Students learn about American history, geography, economics, civics, and government with a focus on leadership, tolerance, and respect — all traits of responsible citizens.
  • Spanish

    Students are introduced to Spanish language and the many cultures that use Spanish to communicate. We believe communicating in another language promotes empathy and understanding, and is an important element in the development of Pine Crest students as global citizens. Our curriculum focuses on the Standards for Foreign Language Learning: communication, cultures, connections, comparisons, and communities.
  • Arts

    In a Lower School art class, young artists learn about color theory, elements, and principles of design, art history, painting, sculpture, ceramics, drawing, design, fibers, printmaking, and contemporary art making.

    Movement classes are designed to help students develop creativity and self-expression through movement, with a focus on coordination, flexibility, gross motor skill development, and teamwork. For students in pre-kindergarten and kindergarten, the goal is the development of body sense, with an emphasis on spatial orientation, by following directions and working with other students to develop dance patterns.

    In music classes, students study a variety of musical elements such as melody, harmony, rhythm, form, expression, texture, and timbre. Students investigate these musical skills and concepts through singing, performing on instruments, listening, playing musical games, and movement activities. In addition, they study music history, music theory, and the music of other cultures.