An Advanced Curriculum Complemented By Arts, Athletics, Computer Science, and More

Pine Crest School offers a research-based and unique curriculum for students in grades pre-kindergarten through twelve. While our curriculum is academically challenging, students are supported every step of the way by faculty who care deeply about their well-being and success.

Pine Crest School's mission is the guiding force behind our curriculum: to offer a challenging academic experience focused on the development of character, leadership, and a love of learning. 

A few of our curriculum highlights include:
  • Student to teacher ratio 1:9
  • 272 faculty members
  • 165 faculty with advanced degrees
  • 3 makerspaces
  • 68 online databases
  • 20,000+ square feet of study and collaborative space between 3 libraries
  • 31 Advanced Placement (AP) Courses
  • 11 Post-AP Courses
  • 4 world languages taught
  • 9 coding languages taught
  • 6 Academic and College Counselors in the Upper School   


Pine Crest School's pre-kindergarten and kindergarten programs focus on providing a well-balanced, developmentally appropriate curriculum that meets the individual needs of each child. Throughout the day, our content area curriculum is enhanced by integrating technology and the arts. Character development and leadership skills are nurtured through unstructured play times and social and emotional education.

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Lower School

Pine Crest Lower School provides an experience rich in opportunities for social, emotional, physical, and academic growth for our students.

Our curriculum incorporates skills such as critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, technology, and communication. Students are exposed to information and activities that stimulate curiosity and excite the imagination. They are encouraged to become independent thinkers, intrepid problem solvers, and leaders who are prepared to meet the global challenges of the future. We develop the whole child by including recess, physical education, technology, fine arts instruction, and the option of private lessons as part of our daily schedule.

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Middle School

Middle School offers an advanced curriculum with an emphasis on developing students’ social and emotional intelligence. This is achieved through a strong emphasis on the development of study skills, self-advocacy, and personal development, preparing students for opportunities in the Upper School and beyond.

Middle School is a time when students explore and try new things. Pine Crest creates an environment where they feel welcomed and encouraged to try new activities in a structured environment where they still are exposed to the core academic values that ground Pine Crest as a traditional and independent school.

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Upper School

Pine Crest Upper School students are engaged in courses designed to build their academic and social emotional repertoire so they are prepared to meet and conquer the challenges they will face as they matriculate. Coursework is intellectually challenging and spans topics sequenced to inspire deep thought and critical analysis. Academics are complemented by clubs, science research, robotics, entrepreneurship, Fine Arts, and Athletics.

Beginning in ninth grade, students work in concert with the Academic Deans to shape a schedule that furthers their academic pursuits and interests. Pine Crest offers more than 30 Advanced Placement courses, many of which are open to all Upper School students. Students who demonstrate a passion for in-depth exploration of a topic may elect to enroll in a post-AP seminar course. These capstone experiences are offered on a variety of topics and teachers engage students in high-level academic pursuits.

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Signature Programs

Students may choose from a variety of extra-curriculuar clubs, courses, private lessons, or sports which are available before, during, and after-school. Curriculum customization and passion development begins in pre-kindergarten and grows through twelfth grade. Discover your fascination advantage at Pine Crest School. *Options vary by grade and campus. 

Signature Programs