Our Purpose

Pine Crest School Mission Statement

To offer a challenging academic experience complemented by excellence in the arts and athletics; to develop the character, independence, and leadership of each student; and to provide a collaborative learning community that prepares students to meet the global challenges of our future.

Students are Our Purpose

Pine Crest School's 2019-24 Strategic Plan defines the Pine Crest graduate of the future as a competitive participant in the global economy who thrives in a technology-driven world. A Pine Crest graduate will possess leadership skills and perseverance. He or she will be an effective and articulate communicator with the ability to take calculated risks, and think independently, globally, and collaboratively to create opportunities and innovative solutions to real-life, complex challenges with integrity and character. A Pine Crest graduate will accomplish all of this and more while maintaining the resilience to discover and follow his or her passion.

At Pine Crest, everything we do centers around the success of our students and providing them with an extraordinary education.