Innovation Institute

Seventh Annual Innovation Institute 
Making the Future 
Date: April 19-21, 2020 
Location: Pine Crest School Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale Campuses 
Ticket: $450 Main Conference and $175 Pre-conference 

The Innovation Institute is a boutique conference setting, structured to promote active learning through lab classrooms, extended hands-on workshops, listen-and-learn INSPIRE sessions, and a Share Fair. Pine Crest School administrators, Innovation Specialists, Computer Science and Technology Specialists, as well as faculty members will share strategies utilized to infuse technology and coding into the curriculum. Leveraging a school's makerspace, or collaborative work space, attendees will explore how to engage students to make, learn, and explore to ensure a maker mindset and to prepare them for a future of complexity. 

Keynote Speakers: David Hamilton and Paloma Cotton-Herman 

Pre-Conference Workshop: Sunday, April 19 
Rule of Engagement: Strategies and Tactics for Generating Student-Led Inquiry 

In our teacher-as-student hands-on workshop geared toward educators at all levels, we will explore key elements that generate authentic student engagement in our classrooms. What are curriculum design considerations and project facilitation tactics (for any discipline) that center the student as a prime investigator? How can we encourage students to ask (and explore) their own questions, in our classes and in the future, years after they graduate? How can we use even strict constraint systems to unlock creative thinking? Working in teams, we will explore an interdisciplinary, ready-for-your-classroom project, paying careful attention to critical design elements, including: 

  • Material and tools: deep learning from a paperclip and an index card
  • Facilitation tactics: the art of not answering questions
  • The freedom of constraints: how rules lower the floor
  • Classroom set-up: moving beyond rows or circles
  • Purposeful student groupings: highlighting group dynamics and student roles

Conference: Monday, April 20 and Tuesday, April 21 
Keynote: Rule of Engagement: How to Foster Student Engagement in the Age of Distraction

Having instant access to all the world’s information (as well as to anyone in the world anywhere in the world) is both a remarkable asset and an overwhelming resource. How do we create classroom environments that compete for attention against all of today’s various distractions, and win? Our keynote will explore the central elements of student engagement, and how they tie to preparing students for future pursuits. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t start with more gadgets (but they are a resource). Working together, we will build an engagement formula. What are the critical elements for designing an engaging curriculum? How do we set up our classrooms and facilitate in a way that keeps students' attention off their devices? Taking on the role of student, we will participate in a playful, active learning challenge -- rooted in meaningful content -- and document our own engagement. When were you the most engaged? What did engagement look like? Feel like? What specific conditions contributed to your engagement? Collaboratively, we will analyze our findings and design a “secret” engagement formula. 
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Boca Raton Marriott at Boca Center

Marriott is offering a discounted hotel rate: $169/night.  


5150 Town Center Circle
Boca Raton, FL 33486-1013

Transportation from the Boca Raton Marriott to the Innovation Institute will be provided by Pine Crest School.

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"Pine Crest Innovation Institute was one of the best professional development I have attended. It was inspiring to be at a school that is leading the way in innovation and maker education. Meeting faculty, administrators and students who eagerly shared their projects and passions was invaluable. The workshops were diverse and made it very hard to choose which ones to attend. I would recommend going with a least one other colleague so you can learn even more."
Sarah Magner, Flint Hill School

Sixth Annual Innovation Institute 2019 
Transforming Education with Creativity and Coding

"The innovation institute was a chance to truly learn about the latest in coding, engineering, and entrepreneurship. You leave energized to try new things in your classroom and wanting to learn even more. "
-Jessica Clingman, Princeton Day School - 2019 Innovation Institute Attendee
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