Coming And Going

Our modern fleet of Pine Crest buses are all owned and maintained by Pine Crest School and are inspected daily. All buses are air-conditioned, equipped with seat belts, and equipped with a radio-dispatch unit for constant communication with our base. Bus drivers are employed year-round by Pine Crest School and each is certified by the State of Florida Highway Patrol.

PCDC provides optional bus service throughout nearly every part of Broward County as well as the very north east sections of Dade County and the very south east areas of Palm Beach County. Children are picked-up and dropped-off at community-style spots which will usually be within a short distance of each camper's home. This express-type of service keeps the ride to a minimum.

We will do our very best to offer convenient bus stops to all who desire them, however, children who live outside our general boundaries might find it necessary to travel a longer distance to board the bus. All bus stops and times are subject to change and some stops may be eliminated if minimum ridership requirements are not met. Parents should feel free to call our Transportation Office for details (954-492-4150).

  • Bus rates for one way transportation AM or PM start at $55/week.
  • Bus rates for one way transportation AM and PM start at $110/week.
*NOTE: PCDC offers a 10% discount based on all the figures above for second and third children in the family (siblings)

OPTION #2 - Come and go by car

Morning Drop-Off: All car riders are dropped off in the morning at the back of the school (NE 63 Street) between 9:15 a.m. and 9:30 p.m. Supervisors and counselors are on hand at this location to open car doors, greet your children, and escort them to their "starting point".

Afternoon Pick-Up: Just like in the morning, all car riders are picked up at the back of the school (NE 63 St). Parents arrive in anticipation of our end-of-day dismissal at 3:10 p.m. Once again, supervisors and staff are on hand to deliver campers to their cars, open doors, and assist with seat belts.

OPTION #3 - Come early and go home late by enrolling in EXTENDED DAY

Campers enrolled in Extended Day may be dropped off as early as 7:30 a.m. Our experienced and mature Extended Day staff will be on hand to meet cars at the curb and will escort our early arrivals inside. While waiting for camp to begin, campers are entertained with age-appropriate activities, video games, and cartoons. At 9:20 a.m. the children are escorted to the Morning Show and are guided to their assigned cabin group... exactly like the campers who are arriving by bus or car.

For those children who require extended hours at the end of the camp day, Extended Day is the perfect solution. At 3:15 campers are escorted from their cabin group to the Extended Day room. After attendance is taken, a late afternoon snack is served, and once again age-appropriate activities are offered. Extended Day is in operation until 5:30 p.m.
  • Extended day rates for AM or PM start at $55/week.
  • Extended day rates for AM and PM start at $110/week.
*NOTE: PCDC offers a 10% discount based on all the figures above for second and third children in the family (siblings)

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