The Pine Crest Summer Programs are directed and overseen by Pine Crest School's very own full time faculty, coaches, and staff. Our program directors average anywhere from 8-25 years of camp experience, just here at Pine Crest alone!

Directors and Counselors
Pine Crest Summer Programs has a professional staff dedicated to helping your child(ren) develop their skills in their chosen area. All of our program directors are full time staff members or teachers of Pine Crest with extensive backgrounds in their area of expertise. Many of our additional counselors are certified coaches or professionals as well as previous students or campers themselves.
Pool Staff
Our pool staff consists of lifeguards with full CPR, First Aid, AED, and Life Guarding certifications.

All staff members of the Pine Crest Summer programs are screened in accordance with Florida State regulations and those of Pine Crest School.
Medical & Security Staff
We also have a full time registered nurse on campus during the day to handle everything from minor cuts and scrapes to medical emergencies.

The fully fenced in property where Pine Crest Summer Programs takes place is constantly monitored 24/7 by our on-site security team who are quick to respond to any situation, big or small.


At the Pine Crest Summer Programs we only hire a minimum amount of Staff/Counselor and Volunteer/CIT positions each summer. This is typically due to the fact that our programs are directed by Pine Crest Faculty/Coaches and our smaller camp size minimizes our enrollment needs. In addition, not all of our camps utilize counselors or CIT's so we do not require as much staff as most typical day camps do.

Although not required, it is preferred that you have some experience in the program for which you apply. You must be at least 16 years of age for employment consideration. You must be 15 years of age for CIT consideration. We do not hire younger CIT's or Junior Counselors, as several of our programs accept campers up to the age of 14.
We typically begin our hiring process in late January, prior to the upcoming summer. With all of our summer programs operating on a weekly basis, we do not typically have a good idea of our employment needs until May. If you are seeking summer employment and need confirmation sooner than that, we urge you to please consider other options as well.

If you meet the criteria above and understand that our hiring process is unlike the typical day camps in our area, please click the "Apply Online" button to begin the application process. You will be redirected to our online application and asked to create on online profile.

If you are looking for paid employment, please click the Staff Application link. If you are looking for volunteer opportunities, please select the separate Volunteer link.

In addition to our online employment application, you will be required to complete and sign three additional forms. These forms can be downloaded, signed, and uploaded back to your online profile.

Please note that we will contact you directly if you have been selected for employment or volunteer consideration this summer.
Please note that we are no longer accepting employment / volunteer applications at this time.


Paul Swisher
Director of Summer Programs

John Aiello
Director of Band Camp

Hilary Cornelius
Tennis Camp Assistant

Brian Harvey
Co-Director of Sports Camp

Deanna Harvey
Co-Director of KidVenture

Stephanie Jacques
Summer Programs Assistant

Dean Kadera
Director of Tennis Camp

Kimberly Kent
Director of ELEVATE

Larry Mellone
Director of Fine Arts Camp

Janice Senter
Director of Extended Day
Summer Programs Assistant

Jared Svendsen
Director of Digital Media Camp

Eddie Wolling
Assistant Director of Swim Camp