Forms: All campers* are required to have our medical form on file during the summer. In accordance with the State of Florida and Pine Crest School, this form must be signed by a Florida doctor. A physical is not required. The traditional Blue & Yellow form used during the school year is not accepted**.
Your child(ren) must have a completed physician form prior to their first day of camp.
If your travel plans do not permit you to complete a doctor's visit prior to beginning camp, we will not be able to allow your child(ren) to attend camp until we have received the form. We thank you for your understanding.
Medications: A camp nurse is available on campus every day. Any medications, allergies or illnesses must be discussed with the nurse before your child begins camp. A physician's signature is required for all medications. This includes over-the-counter drugs as well.
Unfortunately, the Pine Crest Summer Programs cannot accommodate special diets due to allergies, does not operate a Kosher kitchen, and is not a "peanut free" environment. By offering a diverse menu, we hope that your child(ren) will be able to find something that suits their preferences, regardless of dietary restrictions. You are welcome to provide your campers with their own food; however, it is their responsibility to keep track of it and keep it cool if necessary. All camps have an area indoors where backpacks and bags are stored.
*All currently enrolled Pine Crest students are exempt from this rule as their papers are already on file. Newly enrolled Pine Crest Students must complete all required school year medical forms. If you attended camp last year, you must still complete a new form.
**For all four year old campers, a Florida Physical and Immunization form (Blue & Yellow) will be needed, as this is a state guideline. We suggest that you bring your documentation with you to assist a local doctor. If you do not have access to a Florida doctor there are several local clinics that are available for a small fee, usually around $25.00 (many of which are open during the weekend). You are also welcome to visit the Palm Beach County Health Department directly.
Some example clinics are: