Getting Involved

Getting Involved in Our School Community

Pine Crest School welcomes involvement from our entire community, including parents, alumni, grandparents, parents of alumni, and friends. We benefit from a strong tradition of philanthropy - it is the sharing of time and treasure that helps us provide an extraordinary education for our students! We harness the power of a talented, invested group of individuals who are all focused on the reason for our existence - educating children.

Sharing Time

Volunteer participation is one of many ways to support Pine Crest School. Our parents become members of one of our volunteer parent organizations as soon as their children become students. Throughout the year, our parents' associations offer parents an opportunity to become part of our school community and establish close connections with other families - connections that turn into friendships that often last a lifetime. Parents may attend monthly meetings to stay informed and educated on Pine Crest's mission. They may choose to give time to events that benefit our students, such as the annual book share, or serve as a host family to welcome new families into our community. Parents show support for our teachers through appreciation events and serving as dining hall helpers for our youngest students.

There are also opportunities to volunteer in one of our Spirit Store locations, serve on The Pine Crest Fund cabinet, or assist our librarians with shelving books.

Sharing Expertise

Our community consists of a talented experts with many areas of interest. From finance and medicine to photography and civic activism, Pine Crest has it all!

Parents, grandparents, and alumni are encouraged to serve as guest speakers as part of our Institute for Civic Involvement, Upper School clubs, such as the Pre-Med Club, our AP and Post-AP Economics Courses, and more.

In addition, the Experiential Learning Summer Internship Program (ELSI) provides opportunities for students to apply knowledge and skills and expand their interests within a real-world work environment during the summer. We are fortunate at Pine Crest to have a wide network of professionals through families, friends, and alumni who have generously offered to host student interns. Internships are open to rising juniors and seniors, and vary in length and field. The program is designed to be flexible so that any internship sponsor will feel encouraged to host a student no matter the resources available to them. The ELSI Program does not just connect students to internship opportunities, but also offers practical workshops in resume writing, presentation skills, and business etiquette.

Staying Connected

Pine Crest connections are everywhere, and no matter where life leads our alumni, faculty, and parents, we know they will take fond memories of "The Pine" with them. Each year, hundreds of alumni join us for our Homecoming & Reunion weekend. All are welcome to visit campus, attend Fine Arts and Athletics events, and follow us on our social media channels. "Once a Panther, Always a Panther!"