Dear Friends of the Arts,
Welcome to the Pine Crest School Fine Arts Department!
The Fine Arts, including band, chorus, orchestra, dance, drama, debate, and visual arts, hold an esteemed position at Pine Crest. Built upon a rich tradition instilled by our founder, Dr. Mae McMillan, more than 80 years ago, our history acknowledges the valuable contribution an arts education provides to an individual’s academic and emotional development. The academic and developmental benefits of an arts education have been supported by several scholarly neurological and educational developmental studies. Even more meaningful to us, our programs have been valued by generations of students.  Many alumni have continued to make successful and fulfilling careers in the arts. Equally as important, many have credited the skills learned from an arts education, such as critical and creative thinking, as an essential part to their success and fulfillment in their careers and in other facets of their lives.
The arts, in support of the Pine Crest Mission Statement, complements the challenging academic experience by offering a comprehensive pre-kindergarten to twelfth grade arts curriculum.  With an array of small and large ensembles in music, dance, drama, visual art, and debate, as well as private lessons, there are a variety of options to choose from designed to suit the individual student’s artistic interests. Our students earn accolades from local, state, and national professional assessment groups and collaborate with other areas of the Pine Crest community by providing musical support for such events including: athletics, commencement ceremonies, musicals, and school assemblies. Our performance experiences range from on campus concerts to venues such as Carnegie Hall where students have performed for Presidents and other dignitaries.
Many of our Fine Arts faculty hold graduate and doctoral degrees from renowned universities and conservatories across the globe and have active professional careers in their respective fields. The educational, professional, and personal passion our faculty has for the arts and arts education not only strives to preserve tradition, but also to create a curriculum that moves forward into the needs of 21st century learners.
Please explore our offerings, and feel welcome to join us for one or more of our many performances, which are offered to the public free of charge.
With warmest regards,
Larry Mellone
Fine Arts Director