As the sun rises, it is common to see Upper School students already on campus for an early morning workout in the gym or practice in the pool. Honors orchestra, jazz band, and choral ensembles meet for rehearsal before the first class period of the day, preparing for concerts and competitions.

The majority of the day consists of core courses in math, English, science, social science, and world languages, complemented by electives, breaks in the Hollander Student Union, study time in the Egan Library, and lunch in the Nutter Dining Hall.

An Upper School student's day often continues after the bell rings with Fine Arts rehearsals, athletics practices or competition, extra help with teachers, club meetings, group projects, community service opportunities, homework, and studying.

As they prepare to graduate and move on to college, our seniors tell us that four years pass in the blink of an eye. Traditions such as Homecoming, the spirit stick competition, class trips, assemblies, prom, graduation, and class trips will be missed but never forgotten.

While it is true that graduating and moving on to college are bittersweet, Pine Crest students are more than ready to take on the next steps toward making their mark on the world.