Each day, Pine Crest pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students gather in their homeroom for story time, word work, phonics, and math. Students work on independent skills, which increase markedly throughout the year.

"To see the progression from when students enter pre-kindergarten being able to write their names, and by the end of the year to see they are writing sentences, this is the joy of teaching," said Mrs. Patricia Schimpf, pre-kindergarten teacher. "We get to see their exponential growth."

Alongside core subjects, students have daily "specials," which include music, art, Spanish, and movement. Twice a day, students have unstructured play time on an age- and developmentally-appropriate playground, allowing them to develop important social skills.

All pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students receive snacks, such as granola bars, apples, and bananas, during a regularly scheduled snack time.

After school, students may enroll in our extended day program, private lesson, or after-school enrichment activity. Click here for more information.