Beginning in sixth grade, Middle School students have opportunities to increase their independence and pursue their personal interests and passions.

Sixth, seventh, and eighth graders generally arrive 15 minutes before the bell rings for the first class period of the day, allowing time for locker organization and socializing with friends. Some students arrive earlier to take advantage of extra help. All Middle School teachers offer before-school or after-school extra help sessions.

Students spend the first several periods of the day in core subject classes with a break for lunch. Lunch time may be spent eating in the dining hall followed by time to play basketball or socialize with friends. There is time allotted throughout the week for Advisory meetings. The rest of the school day is filled with wheel and elective courses or study hall. After school, students may choose to participate in a variety of activities, including Student Council, clubs, private or group music lessons, private or group tennis lessons, competitive sports, and Fine Arts activities such as dance or theater.

Pine Crest students have full schedules and diverse interests - it is not unusual to see a football player singing in the Middle School musical!