Middle School (Grades 6 to 8)

Middle School at Pine Crest is a time of much growth - physical, emotional, and intellectual - for our students. With Pine Crest's mission statement as our guide, our goal is to truly prepare our students to be global citizens who are prepared and inspired to make a positive difference.

The classroom experience is student-centered with much emphasis on project-based learning and real-life problem solving. Middle School teachers encourage and lead students to think critically, to take thoughtful risks, and to innovate.

Our Middle School counselors and teachers lead students through a structured Advisory program, giving students and teachers an opportunity to meet on a less formal level and explore character-building topics together on a small scale.

Beginning in sixth grade, Pine Crest students have developmentally appropriate opportunities to increase their independence, with the use of personal lockers, deadlines associated with independent and group work, responsibility for an individualized schedule, and juggling after school activities with homework.


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