Dear Pine Crest School Panther Fans,

Athletics has a long-standing tradition of success at Pine Crest School. As educators, we believe that physical education, developmental and competitive sports, and the arts complement academics and character building. We refer to our players as "student-athletes," as academics is the priority at Pine Crest. Our student-athletes must demonstrate their success in the classroom above all. From the very beginning, our student-athletes are reminded that they represent Pine Crest in everything they do - they must always conduct themselves with class, dignity, and good character.
Some of our student-athletes commit to playing their sport at the collegiate level, and some even advance to play professionally. Regardless, our alumni agree that the lessons learned on the fields, courts, track, and in the water translate to life skills that have benefited them well beyond Pine Crest.

Thank you for your interest in Pine Crest Athletics. For additional information, please contact the Athletic Office at or 954-492-4100.


Jeff Johnson
Athletic Director