Arts at Pine Crest

Complementing Academics to Form an Extraordinary Experience

Pine Crest School educators aim to enrich our students' lives by exposing them a variety of art forms. We believe that involvement in the arts is integral to the development of the educated individual. Our Fine Arts faculty members are committed to inspiring creativity and an appreciation for learning in our students.
Our faculty are highly-trained professionals in dance, music, art, and theater who go beyond the surface in teaching the arts, just as we do in our core academic curriculum. Student-artists have access to a robust collection of tools and state-of-the-art facilities, including specially-designed buildings, auditoriums, practice rooms, studios, and galleries.
Lessons are available for students in the band program, chorus program, orchestra program, and piano program. Small-group, semi-private, and private lessons are available. For information on lesson scheduling and costs, please contact the Fine Arts Department at 954-492-4119.