Remembering Henry Wheeler ’72H

The Pine Crest School community mourns the loss of Henry Wheeler ’72H (July 15, 1918 - September 21, 2018).
An honorary alumnus of the Class of 1972, Mr. Wheeler and his late wife Betty were longtime supporters of the School. To recognize faculty and staff who have shown exemplary service to Pine Crest, Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler established the Wheeler Family Recognition Award in 1977. Etched in Pine Crest’s history, the Wheelers were parents and grandparents to eight Pine Crest alumni.

As a Trustee, Mr. Wheeler was integral in the early development and relocation of Pine Crest to its current NE 62nd Street campus in Fort Lauderdale, which opened in 1965. He was a trusted confidant of Pine Crest founder Dr. Mae McMillan and her son William J. McMillan. Mr. Wheeler was later named a member of Pine Crest’s Board of Directors Emeritus.

For his 100th birthday in July, Pine Crest President Dr. Dana Markham wrote to Mr. Wheeler and included a Pine Crest baseball cap and a copy of Dr. Mae’s “My Life, Plus a Hundred Years.”

“Mr. Wheeler’s generous support of our School has benefited thousands of students and teachers over more than 30 years,” said Pine Crest President Dr. Dana Markham. “He and Betty leave a tremendous legacy and set a wonderful example of philanthropy for our entire community.”

On behalf of the entire Pine Crest community, we extend our deepest condolences and gratitude to the Wheeler family.

(Many have asked to honor the life and memory of Mr. Wheeler with a tribute gift, which can be made at