Pine Crest School Eighth Graders Celebrate by Serving their Community

Pine Crest School eighth grade students on the Boca Raton campus celebrated their investiture on Friday, August 24.
This year, the Class of 2023 divided into six groups for a morning of community service.

“Community service is one of the ways we develop students’ empathy,” said David Clark, Head of School. “Students came back to campus feeling the gratitude from those they helped, and know that even at 13 years old, they can still make a meaningful impact in their community.”  

Students dedicated part of their day to serve the following organizations:
In Jacob’s Shoes - Students helped clean and sort shoes that will be donated to children and adults who otherwise may not receive shoes.
Boca Helping Hands - Students helped sort pantry items for families dealing with food insecurity.
Florence Fuller Child Development Center - Students assisted teachers in the preschool.
YMCA- Students helped spruce up the landscaping around the front entrance and wrote thank you notes to YMCA donors.
JARC - Students participated in therapeutic gardening with adults with disabilities.
The Giving Tree- Students sorted and organized gently used children’s clothes for Foster Care youth in the community.
Following the morning’s activities, the entire class returned to campus for lunch and reflected and exchanged stories about their experiences.

When asked how their experience will impact their thinking and actions, one student shared, “I now have a better understanding of our community needs and that even doing something small can be impactful and make a difference.”
The students’ day ended after interacting with a motivational speaker about youth leadership.

Congratulations to the Class of 2023. You are destined to do great things!