Pine Crest School Fourth Graders Visit Kennedy Space Center

Pine Crest School fourth graders visited Kennedy Space Center recently.
The fourth graders and their faculty chaperones traveled to the Space Center as a continuation of their study of space history, and future missions to Mars and beyond.

Students participated in the Overnight Adventure program, sleeping under the Atlantis orbiter and training for the Mars Rover Challenge. They gathered in groups to design and build a vehicle to travel on Mars with a limited budget to "buy" materials. The groups then sent their vehicles down a ramp to test them for durability.  Meeting astronaut Ken Cameron was a highlight of the trip for everyone!

“Like NASA astronauts and scientists, students understand the value of failure to push their learning beyond expectations,” said Vicki Spitalnick, Innovation Specialist in the Mintz Family iLab. “It was an incredible experience for the students and faculty.”