Pine Crest School First Graders Study Chicken Hatching in Science Unit

Pine Crest School first graders studied chicken hatching recently as part of a science unit on embryonic development.
Chicken eggs were placed in an incubator where students candled the eggs to see through the shell to the developing embryo. Candling is a test that poultry breeders use to measure the freshness or fertility of an egg by holding it to the light. The students’ observations were recorded and charted for 21 days until the chicks hatched.

Students then visited the Mintz Family iLab where they built their own Embryo Development Chart from a laser cut chipboard template that they lit up with a battery powered votive candle.

“Mr. Swanson and I designed a stand template and used chipboard on the laser cutter,” said Ms. Vicki Spitalnick, Innovation Specialist. “The students folded and added a round disc with images of the different stages of embryonic development. They then lit it from behind to mimic candling.”

This signature project is one that first graders look forward to each year and is one of many wonderful examples of curricular collaboration at Pine Crest!