Upper School Students Celebrate Pine Crest TableTalk Anniversary

More than 150 Upper School students participated in Pine Crest's TableTalk recently, marking the one-year anniversary of the program's arrival to campus.
TableTalk is a platform for conversation between people who would not meet under ordinary circumstances. The effort began a few years ago at Emory University and spread to several other universities, including University of Pennsylvania and Indiana University.

After working with the founders of TableTalk at Emory, Pine Crest student Lauren Britton '18 felt that it could have a huge impact on the Pine Crest community. Pine Crest was the first high school to offer it.

Lauren and her TableTalk team have hosted 10 events this year, one of which was with the Girl Up Club and one with the National English Honor Society.

"Our goal is to provide an inclusive and welcoming environment for the entire Pine Crest student body," said Lauren.  "Pine Crest's TableTalk team is looking forward to an amazing second year!"