Student Cultural Arts Series Awards Assembly

Founder’s Council chair, Mrs. Evelyn Wanka welcomed guests to the Student Cultural Arts Series awards assembly by sharing a passage from the book titled My Life, Plus One Hundred Years, by Pine Crest School’s founder, Dr. Mae McMillan. The statement is attributed to Mr. Herbert W. Bromberg, a former general manager of the Fort Lauderdale symphony orchestra. He wrote:
“Art is what life is all about! It is about human values more than any other dimension of civilization. Art is about love, freedom, order, discipline, and dignity…man has come to the realization that the arts are the bridge – the means of human communication…art is life’s humanity – not a bauble. We dare not lose sight of that.”

The Founder’s Council is proud to point out that Pine Crest has never lost sight of the value of the arts in society or in education. This is as true today as it was under the dynamic leadership of Dr. McMillan. To understand this principle in action, one only has to read part of the school’s most recent curriculum guide which states as follows: “The visual and performing arts departments are dedicated to providing the fullest possible development of the talents and potential of students so that they may participate effectively and enrich the cultures in which they live.”

The unique cooperation between fine arts faculty and Founder’s Council members began in 1968 and evolved into the Student Cultural Arts Series in 1976. The partnership was established to provide programs for students to express their emerging talents in the arts.

Of course, a successful Upper School fine arts season depends upon the combined efforts of the Pine Crest community as a whole.

“The Founder’s Council would like to acknowledge and thank those responsible for the continuing success of the Student Cultural Arts Series productions,” said Mrs.Wanka. “These include a committed faculty and administration, as well as the students who participate on stage, behind the scenes, and as members of the audiences. Also, we acknowledge the unselfish devotion of parents, grandparents, and friends.”

Excellence in Instrumental Music, Hoxie Ackerman

Excellence in Art, Alexandra Bassett

Excellence in Drama, Rachel Berkowitz

Excellence in Dance, Robin Cherof

Excellence in Vocal Music, Laura Lacombe

Excellence in Musical Theatre, Allison Marco