Pine Crest Upper School Chorus Performs at Carnegie Hall

Twenty-four (24) members of the Pine Crest Upper School Chorus traveled to New York City to perform at Carnegie Hall's 20th annual The Classics performance.
The chorus, alongside other choirs from schools and colleges across the nation, joined together to perform the Coronation Mass by Mozart. 
“The piece is performed in Latin and consists of five separate songs that interlace with each other,” said Emily Roy ’20. “The mass tells a story through each song of contrasting dynamics, tempos, and emotion.”
Selected through audition, the students and faculty submitted a video audition from their Candlelight performance at Epcot earlier this year. 
The concert is dedicated to three famous pieces of choral music, all performed with the accompaniment of a professional orchestra. 
The students were joined by choral singers and ensembles from universities. 
“Everyone shared the same passion for the arts and love for classical music,” said Spencer Davimos ’22. “It was a beautiful moment seeing everyone so enthusiastic to sing such riveting and emotional pieces. You could hear the conviction and inflection of notes bouncing from the walls of the hall. Singers fed off of each other’s energy and put out their best work in order to make the 20th annual concert the most memorable to date.”
Congratulations to all!