Pine Crest Upper School Latin Students Travel to New York City

Pine Crest Upper School Advanced Placement (AP) Latin students traveled to New York City recently.
The trip began at the Bronx Zoo, where students learned names of animals in Latin. Students also learned about the writings of Linnaeus, an 18th century Swedish scientist who decided to write in Latin to reach a wider audience. The scientist used the teeth of animals to designate their various types.

The next day, students visited the American Numismatic Society to learn about how Roman history could be interpreted from ancient Roman coins. Coins that correspond with the AP Latin curriculum were selected. Students were able to handle the coins and see this world come alive.

Students also had the opportunity to tour the Roman and Greek collection at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. There, they had a scavenger hunt, which tested the students’ abilities to read Latin and recall and demonstrate understanding of what they had learned on the tour.

The students actively used their Latin, making it come alive and enriching their experience.

On their final day, students walked around Rockefeller Center looking at the architecture and exploring how classical mythology was used to imbue the buildings with deeper meaning in the context of their construction in the 1930s.

The trip allowed the students to pull together modern history with ancient culture and understand its relevance to today.