Pine Crest Upper School Students Compete in Harvard Model Congress

Pine Crest Upper School students traveled to Boston to participate in the Harvard Model Congress recently.
Model Congress is a simulation, a competition, an exercise in public speaking, group work, a lesson in American government and politics, all wrapped up into one,” said Gary Friedman, Pine Crest Social Science Instructor and faculty sponsor of the Model Congress club. “Students play the roles of members of the Congress and others involved in the American political system, as they debate political issues, formulate policies, craft bills, and interact with each other in various group settings.”

All of the 27 students who participated in the Harvard Model Congress fulfilled their roles with dedication and enthusiasm, and four of them earned awards:

Congratulations to:
Deborah Ades ’19
Kassidy Angelo ’19
Evan Cholerton ’20
Andres Restrepo ’21

Students also had the opportunity to visit the Massachusetts State House, Quincy Market, and the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum.

“Students learned a lot from the Presidential Library,” said Mr. Friedman. “It provided interesting and valuable historical context to the activities at the conference.”