Support Programs

College and Academic Advising

Students receive support from the College and Academic Advising team throughout their Upper School academic career. The Deans meet individually with students throughout the year and advise them on a range of academic matters, extracurricular involvement, and coordinate a series of grade-level educational programs for families and students to help them understand and prepare for the college admission process.

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Students develop an understanding of core curriculum through project-base learning, observation, inquiry, research, and discovery. Professional innovation specialists work with classroom teachers on lessons that guide students from play to purpose by harnessing student-driven creativity, innovation, and collaboration.

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Institute for Civic Involvement

Student gain a global lense through guest speakers, community service programs, and summer internship opportunities. Politicians, academics, and leaders in a variety of professional fields speak to students about global issues to inspire the changemakers of tomorrow.

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Learning Network

Students may receive specialized support to help develop the cognitive abilities, creativity, and critical thinking skills necessary for success in the 21st center. The Learning Network Specialists work in collaboration with teachers to best support student success.

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Students develop a lifelong curiosity to gain knowledge. They learn the skills to foster information through our libraries. 

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The technology department ensures computers and iLab equipment is always ready for students to learn and create their ideas. Should a student's laptop have a function issue, they may drop it off at the technology department and check out a loaner computer to ensure tools for creation are always available for class.

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