Diversity and Inclusion

Pine Crest School Diversity Statement

Pine Crest promotes a diverse environment that supports and strengthens the School's culture as an excellent college preparatory school. We honor and celebrate a range of cultures, backgrounds, talents, experiences, and opinions in our students, faculty, and administration, and foster a community of complete inclusion and openness.

At Pine Crest School, we believe that one of the greatest gifts we can give to our students is the feeling of being valued and included, and learning how to value and include others.

In a diverse and inclusive setting, students have the unique opportunity to learn from one another as well as with one another. Diversity is naturally occurring in our environment. Inclusion, however, is something that has to be deliberately and intentionally created. An inclusive environment is one where students feel safe, welcome, and a sense of belonging. Naturally, students realize their personal best when they feel wholly safe and wholly welcome. When exposed to a variety of perspectives, students learn to think critically, to challenge their assumptions, and to explore alternative approaches and solutions to real-world problems.

A diverse and inclusive learning environment fulfills our mission to prepare students to meet the global challenges of our future. Ongoing opportunities for Pine Crest students include:

Lower School
Author Studies and Visits, Community Building Assemblies, Festival of the Arts

Middle School
Author Visits, Guest Lecturers, "Mix it Up at Lunch" Day, Multicultural Club, Multicultural Week

Upper School
Guest Lecturers, Heritage Clubs, Institute for Civic Involvement Symposia, Multicultural Assembly, Multicultural Week, "Words that Hurt" Student Presentations


Director of Diversity & Inclusion