Office of the President

Dr. Dana Markham
As one of the nation’s leading independent schools, Pine Crest School prides itself on educating our students to navigate the world today, and cultivating in them the attributes they will need to thrive in their personal and professional lives. Our commitment to providing our entire student body with an unparalleled learning experience is unwavering, and the results are evident in our classrooms and among more than 8,000 Pine Crest alumni.
People say when you meet Pine Crest students or graduates, you just know — they are poised, well-spoken, caring, driven, and intellectually curious. What is it about our School that fosters such a unique student body?
First, Pine Crest students are encouraged throughout their time here, and at every touch point, to dedicate themselves to the ongoing and lifelong pursuit of knowledge. Long after their days at Pine Crest come to an end, our students carry with them the lessons learned here regarding the importance of critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration. The educational foundation they receive at Pine Crest gives them the confidence they need to take their questions through an iterative problem-solving process that includes inquiry, design, failure, success, and, importantly, continual learning and growth.
We view it as an imperative that our students have strength of character and a powerful moral compass. Our Pine Crest faculty are committed to shaping the emotional intelligence of their students and instilling in them a clear vision on how to be good citizens and contributing members of their communities. Teachers guide students in regulating and understanding their own emotions, and recognizing and respecting others’ perspectives.
Our world craves people who know what they believe in, who are well-versed in discourse, and who harness their emotions to make improvements. Intellectual knowledge and emotional intelligence pave the way for students to discover their authentic interests and selves. I know that I speak on behalf of our faculty when I say that our students’ solutions to real-life challenges — and the reasoning, thought, and explanation behind them — give us great hope for the future. Equipped with these skills, Pine Crest students are capable of changing the world.

As you take a peek inside our School via this website, I hope you are encouraged to visit one of our campuses for a first-hand look at what makes a Pine Crest education extraordinary: our amazing students and the opportunities they have for collaborative work and problem solving; our outstanding faculty and their delivery of innovative curriculum and programing; and our state-of-the-art facilities.


Dr. Dana Markham