Welcome to Coach B’s blog: Here’s where you’ll find all the Xs and Os about press, man vs. zone defense, fast breaks, and substitutes. It’s all Pine Crest hoops, all the time! I’ll keep you updated on our mission for a State Championship,  provide you with a sneak peak of our upcoming 2014-15 basketball campaign, and share some knowledge about the ins and outs of the season. I’ll also try to address any pertinent questions along the way that you have about our season, the players, and our coaches.
Ten Commitments
This is Exam Week, thus No Practice and it ends Thursday. We have Very Little Time to Prepare for our Game in the Kreul Tournament
Against a Team from Colorado. The Game is this Friday the 19th at 3:00 in the Coral Springs Rec Center.
However, we will remind our players  of the Constant Commitments we must Continue to Strive to Meet. 
Here are our 10 Commitments:
1. We will set our Defense every time.
2. We will pressure the man with the ball.
3. We will prevent penetration.
4. We will contest all shots hands high without fouling.
5. We will rebound and run the floor.
6. We will run for lay ups and open 3's.
7. We will share the ball.
8. We will penetrate the defense.
9. We will take good shots both inside and outside.
10. We will attack the offensive boards. 
Coach B

Past Blog Entries
2014-15 Boys Varsity Basketball Team
Nick Nolting: 6'7
Alan Sacks: 6'0
Jonah Scrudders: 6'1
Antonio Vrankovic: 6'11
Garrison Bentz: 6'4
Tim Cox: 6'2
Kyle Garfinkel, 6'0
Luke Mansour: 6'1
Chris Marzouca: 5'7
Chris Alexander: 6'0
Blake Guillaume: 5'10
Chandler Pollock: 6'3
Miles Polley: 5'11

Head Coach:
David Beckerman
Assistant Coaches:
Ike Smith
Ed Waite
Essie Hollis

Trainer: Garrick Edwards
Manager: Max Rubinoff, Jason Meisel, Brett Baker
Pine Crest Alumni Currently Playing Basketball in College

Andy Wang

Brandon Knight

Romas Marcinkevicius

Matt Milk
(St. Francis of Brooklyn)

Billy Thompson, Jr.
(Evangel University - Springfield, Missouri)
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