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Second Half Defense Key to Second Win for Panthers
 The Reunion of the once Fierce Rivalry between Miami Country Day and The Pine Crest School was a game of two halves.
This was the first game between these two schools in Ten Years and it did not disappoint the Pine Crest Fans with a 87 to 54 win.
In the opening period the Panthers were led by 6’11 Senior Antonio Vrankovic 8 points and 6’3 Freshman Chandler Pollock 6 points.
But their opponent stayed close making 4 three’s and the period ended with the score 21 to 17 Pine Crest.
In the Second Period Miami continued to make three’s and exploit the Pine Crest Defense that led at the half with a score of 35 to 34.
The third period the Panthers began to play the type of Defense they are capable of doing creating 6 turnovers while out scoring Miami 28 to 7.
Antonio Vrankovic chipped in 8 points of his second consecutive game high 30 points and  6’7 Senior Nick Nolting also scoring 8 points
of his career high 16 points that led to a 62 to 42 score.
In the fourth and final period the Panthers kept to the game plan set at half time to pressure the guards and it was effective and led to several turnovers.
6’1 Senior Jonah Scrudders and 6’4 Junior Garrison Bentz  came off the bench to give the Panthers a needed lift.
The Back Court of 6’0 Senior Co-Captain“AJ” Sacks had a career high 10 assists (6 in the second half) and 5’7 Sophomore Chris Marzouca had 9 assists
And 6’0 Freshman Chris Alexander with 2 steals were factors along with the pressure defense in the second half of play.
All Twelve Players who were dressed for the game scored (including the Four Freshmen)
These Panthers have much to learn and if they can adjust like they did against Miami they will be a factor as the season rolls on.
It was indeed fun for both Player and Coach……
Box Score:
Vrankovic-12-0-6/10-30 pts.Nolting-6-0-4/6-16 pts.Pollock-4-0-0-8 pts.Sacks-2-0-3/5-7 pts. Bentz-3-0-0-6 pts. Scrudders- 0-2-0-6 pts,Alexander-2-0-2/6-6 pts
Guillaime-1-0-1/1-3 pts,Mansour-1-0-0-2 pts,Marzouca-0-0-1/2-1 pt,Garfinkel-0-0-1/2-1 pt. Polley-0-0-1/2-1 pt.
31-2-19/35-87 points
High Scorer-Vrankovic-30 pts
Assists –Sacks-10
Record 2-1 (0-1 in District)
The Season Continues…
Next up Stallion Shoot out at American Heritage-Delray Friday at 1:00

Past Blog Entries
2014-15 Boys Varsity Basketball Team
Nick Nolting: 6'7
Alan Sacks: 6'0
Jonah Scrudders: 6'1
Antonio Vrankovic: 6'11
Garrison Bentz: 6'4
Tim Cox: 6'2
Kyle Garfinkel, 6'0
Luke Mansour: 6'1
Chris Marzouca: 5'7
Chris Alexander: 6'0
Blake Guillaume: 5'10
Chandler Pollock: 6'3
Miles Polley: 5'11

Head Coach:
David Beckerman
Assistant Coaches:
Ike Smith
Ed Waite
Essie Hollis

Trainer: Garrick Edwards
Manager: Max Rubinoff, Jason Meisel, Brett Baker
Pine Crest Alumni Currently Playing Basketball in College

Andy Wang

Brandon Knight

Romas Marcinkevicius

Matt Milk
(St. Francis of Brooklyn)

Billy Thompson, Jr.
(Evangel University - Springfield, Missouri)
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