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Pine Crest Comeback Falls Short in District Game 69 - 65
What a difference a year makes.
Last season the Panthers Handed Calvary Christian a 30 point District Loss.
This year they had a totally different team comprised of transfers that have been molded into a new team which adds
To the already difficult “Black and Blue “League Pine Crest competes in.
The game was played at their gym and the Crusaders Started a lineup that had a front line of 6’9, 6’8 and 6’7 which was a
Test for the Young Panthers of Pine Crest.
The First Period Calvary jumped out to a 17 to 13 lead and continue in the Second period to increase their it to a half time
Score of 35 to 29. Antonio Vrankovic the 6’11 Senior Captain who kept the game close gave Calvary all they could handle with 18 pts and 7 rebounds.
Two of Calvary’s front line had 3 fouls each trying to guard the talented Senior who had a Career Night (30 points) in a Panther Uniform
As the horn sounded to end the half.
In the third period The Crusaders went to a Four Guard offense due to fouls and it was effective and the third period ended with the
score 59 to 45 Calvary.
But even when the Crusanders Extended their lead to 18 points in the fourth period with making three’s they had (9) for the game you could
Sense that the Panthers were not going to go away. Freshman Chandler Pollock scored 5 points and consecutive Steals by another Freshman
Chris Alexander and Senior “AJ” Sacks help fuel a momentum that allowed Pine Crest to Climb Back into the Game.
With Antonio scoring 8 points, Jonah Scrudders coming off the bench to hit 2 threes and Captain AJ Sacks making two baskets cut the lead to 4 points with
less than a minute to go and the Panthers stole the ball again.
But a Costly Turnover gave the ball back to Calvary and Pine Crest had to foul as they held the ball in the last moments of the game.
6’11 Senior Antonio Vrankovic had an outstanding game with 30 points,15 rebounds,2 block shots and 2 assists.
But if we are to be more competitive, we will need to control our turnovers (17) and it will take others to step up and become a factor in the offense
 and that will take time.
This was a learning experience for this Young Group and while it is a loss in the District, the Panthers know that they were able to play with a talent team.
There will be more talented teams on the schedule this season and hopefully we will take advantage of that learning process and surprise a few people.
The Season Continues……
Box Score:
Vrankovic-12-0-6/7-30 pts, Scrudders-0-3-0-9-pts,Pollock-3-0-1/2-7 pts,Marzouca-1-1-1/3-6pts,Sacks-2-0-0-4pts, Nolting-2-0-0-4 pts
Alexander-1-0-0-2-pts, Bentz-1-0-0-2 pts.
22/4/8/12=64 points.
High Scorer-Vrankovic-30 points
Assists –Marzouca-8
Record 1-1 (0-1 in District)
Next up Miami County Day at Home on 11/25 at 6:00

Past Blog Entries
2014-15 Boys' Varsity Basketball Team
Nick Nolting:  6'7
Alan Sacks: 6'0
Jonah Scrudders: 6'1
Antonio Vrankovic: 6'11
Garrison Bentz: 6'4
Tim Cox: 6'2
Kyle Garfinkel, 6'0
Luke Mansour: 6'1
Chris Marzouca: 5'7
Chris Alexander: 6'0
Blake Guillaume: 5'10
Chandler Pollack: 6'3
Miles Polley: 5'11

Head Coach:
David Beckerman
Assistant Coaches:
Ike Smith
Ed Waite
Essie Hollis

Trainer: Garrick Edwards
Manager: Max Rubinoff, Jason Meisel, Brett Baker
Pine Crest Alumni Currently Playing Basketball in College

Andy Wang

Brandon Knight

Romas Marcinkevicius

Matt Milk
(St. Francis of Brooklyn)

Billy Thompson, Jr.
(Evangel University - Springfield, Missouri)
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