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Gibbons Defeats Pine Crest 72 to 57
It takes two halves against a good team to come out on top.
Cardinal Gibbons came out strong and took a 12 to 2 lead in the first period.
The Panthers began to fight back and the horn ended with Gibbons leading 14 to 8.
In the Second quarter Pine Crest showed grit and determination against the 5 A school out scoring The Chiefs 21 to 18 behind the shooting of Austin Litofsky (7pts) along with Andy Wang  and Antonio Vrankovic, both hitting 6pts each. The half ended with Gibbons making a half-court shot and the score ended 32 to 29 Chiefs.
For a brief moment Pine Crest had a lead 33 to 32 and then Gibbons began to pull away with 19 points in the third period against 11 for the Panthers. The period ended with the score 51 to 40.
In the fourth period, turnovers which have haunted the Panthers in their three losses, became evident as we turned the ball over three concessive times which were converted into baskets by our opponent.
This resulted in a deficit of 17 points and Pine Crest had simply “run out of gas”.
It takes two solid halves to beat a good team .
In our last two games we haven’t put together consistent quarters and the results have been losses.
We have played 10 games ,8 on the road and three more on the road the end of next week at the Kreul Tournament.
We have exams Monday through Wednesday where there will be no practice until we play in the first round of the tournament against a team from Georgia.
We know this team is young and lacks varsity experience, yet it is close to achieving real success .
It takes an understanding not only of the game itself; it takes leadership and the will to win.
Box Score:
Vrankovic-7-0-4/5-18pts. Wang-4-0-0-8pts. Litofsky-2-1-0-7pts. Cissel-3-0-0/1-6pts.Schecter-0-2-0-6pts. Haeffner-2-0-0/2-4pts. Marzouca-0-0-2/2-2pts
Pollack-1-0-0-2pts. Nolting-1-0-0-2pts.Sacks-1-0-0-2pts.
21-3-6/10-57 pts.
Leading Rebounder- Vrankovic-14
Leading Scorer –Vrankovic-18 pts.
Leading Assists-Marzouca-8

Past Blog Entries
2013-14 Boys' Varsity Basketball Team

Head Coach:
David Beckerman
Assistant Coaches:
Ike Smith, Karl Nitowski

Trainer: Garrick Edwards
Manager: Max Rubinoff and Jason Meisel

Chandler Cissel - 6'0 (G)
Austin Litofsky - 6'3-(G)
Ben Schecter - 5'10-(G)
Andy Wang - 6'3-(G/F)

Erik Haig - 6'5 (F)
Nick Nolting - 6'6 (F)
AJ Sacks - 6'0-(G)
Antonio Vrankiovic - 6'11-(F/C)

Garrison Bentz -6'4(F)
Cameron Reid - 5'9(G)

Andrew Haeffner - 6'9 (F)
Brett Haeffner - 6'9 (F)
Chris Marzouca - 5'7 (G)

Eighth Grade:
Chandler Pollock - 6'3 (F)

Pine Crest Alumni Currently Playing Basketball in College

Miles Nolting

Brandon Knight

Romas Marcinkevicius

Matt Milk
(St. Francis of Brooklyn)

Billy Thompson, Jr.
(Evangel University - Springfield, Missouri)
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